Threat to
Gwern y Domen

Watch A short film to highlight the devastating threat of development over valuable open countryside and wildflower meadows of Gwern y Domen & Plasnewydd Farm, in Rudry, Caerphilly; and the impact of its loss on the environment and wellbeing to our current and future generations..

Gwern y Domen Conservation Group


The Gwern y Domen Conservation Group has formed to protect and preserve the beautiful countryside of the Gwern y Domen hillside in the Welsh County Borough of Caerphilly, an area that has been long valued for its rich wildlife, a diverse rural environment, ancient monuments and archaeology, steeped in history, legend and myth and the backdrop to Caerphilly Castle

Our Aims are to protect the rich and diverse wildlife and environment, and to preserve this wonderful countryside for the leisure and amenity of present and future generations of local residents and visitors.

We will fight to defend and retain the rural character and protected status of the Gwern y Domen countryside, hillside and meadows at the heart of the local development strategy.

Our Activities are directed to:

  • ... promoting the protected status of the diverse richness of wildlife in the area, which includes several grade 1 species of bats, dormice and newts;
  • ... challenging any change in strategy that would destroy valuable countryside when multiple brownfield sites are already available for development throughout the borough;
  • ... review of the area’s valuable historical and archaeological heritage;
  • ... work with and support other local groups community groups with similar objectives, e.g. concerns about transport capacity and traffic in the area.
  • ... campaign to challenge specific planning challenges

Images of Gwern y Domen