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October 19, 2016
Sustain Wales Awards – We won!
November 19, 2016

The State of Nature

In 2013 we were powerfully reminded of the State of our Nature and how we could make a change if we acted immediately. However here we are in 2016 where we find we are still seeing huge unsustainable developments, Gwern y Domen, M4 relief road, fragmenting protected habitats and contributing to climate change causing species after species to become extinct and causing untold damage to our environment. Something has to change, we need to take notice and do something now!

We have a new Wellbeing for Future Generations Act that must now show its teeth otherwise it’s just a very expensive worthless document paid for by us. We can’t accept lip service anymore.

That speech made in 2013 is when I became inspired by someone that motivated me into action. I am proud to say the person making that speech, Iolo Williams, Naturalist, Author and Television presenter has agreed to become our Patron. I hope he inspires you too so that you may be part of the solution and root out those who are the problem.

Sustainable development isn’t a luxury it’s the difference between life and extinction.

I often hear people talk of the meaning of life but that’s just our experience of it. It’s more about the meaning of nature for nature is life, all life.

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