Iolo Williams

Naturalist, Author, TV Presenter & Patron to the Gwern y Domen Conservation Group

After learning of our success in the Senedd, Cardiff our Patron and mentor Iolo Williams said
"I am absolutely delighted that the Gwern y Domen Conservation Group has won the Sustain Wales Award 2016 for 'Sustainable Community Group'.  At a time when neither the Welsh Government nor Natural Resources Wales is meeting its conservation obligations, it's heartening to see local groups standing up for wildlife and their efforts have been rightly rewarded"  

DWR Community Council

Draethen Waterloo & Rudry

DWR Community Council kind sponsors of Gwern y Domen Conservation Group

Jeff Cuthbert PCC (previously AM)

PCC for SE Wales

“I support the Gwern Y Domen Conservation Group in their opposition to mass house building on this site. The Caerphilly Basin is well populated and I don’t believe that the local infrastructure, including school and GP Surgeries, can support more housing over that which has been agreed already  There is a need for housing in the Borough and I want to see more attention paid to the northern end. Also Gwern Y Domen is an area of natural beauty and is well used for recreational activity.”

Wayne David MP

parliamentary member for Caerphilly

"I am pleased to give my full support to the Gwern-y-Domen Conservation Group.  It is essential that we do all we can to preserve our countryside for future generations, and we have here some of the most beautiful countryside in South Wales.  More homes are needed but most of them ought to be built on Brownfield sites in the Valleys North of the Borough."

Lindsay Whittle

Caerphilly County Borough Council

On his website Lindsay Whittle said that while there was a demand for new housing in the Caerphilly Borough, the area was not capable of taking new major developments, such as that envisaged in Gwern-y-Domen.

"We are getting more and more developers wanting to build on green field sites. We have reached saturation point and the road network will grind to a halt and other services will be at breaking point unless we resist. It is vital that we fight the potential loss of local beauty spots."

Cllr Elaine Forehead

Caerphilly County Borough Council

Cllr Elaine Forehead told us

"I am totally opposed to this development for several reasons.  After attending the Twyn hall to view plans, my concerns have grown considerably."

Cllr Christine Forehead

Caerphilly County Borough Council

Cllr Chris Forehead told us

"I look forward to working with you because this development has to be one of the most crazy ideas I have come across."

Cllr Barbara Jones

Caerphilly County Borough Council

"I am delighted to offer my full support to the campaign committee and all those involved, in opposing the development of Gwern-Y-Domen, it is vital that we preserve our Green belt areas for future generations, congratulation on the work already undertaken" Cllr Barbara Jones

Cllr Colin P Mann

Caerphilly County Borough Council

Cllr Mann told us ......

"I think it is correct to say that the Plaid group will be very unhappy with this bid from Persimmon  ... we did all we could to protect the green areas and it remains our policy that development on brownfield sites should happen first."

Ms Louise Davies

Wales Green Party

"We praise and support the work of Gwern y Domen Conservation Group. Whilst new homes are needed, they should be affordable and sited on brownfield areas with the backing of the local community. Rather than economic growth being the key driver of planning policies, Wales Green Party believes that ecologically sound strategic planning is needed, protecting and enhancing the environment and integrating the needs of the community, as well as future generations."

Hefin Wyn David AM

Welsh Assembly

“I support the Gwern Y Domen Conservation Group. I will work with them and local elected members to help develop their reasoned objections to the development on this site. Local voices must be heard when planning decisions are being made.”

Mr Andrew Creak

Wales Green Party

"I support and highly praise the work of the Gwern y Domen conservation group.  As the Wales Green Party Candidate for Caerphilly it is in my belief that we must conserve our beautiful green landscape for future generations. New homes are needed within Wales but they need to be sustainable, affordable and importantly not built on a recognised ‘Special Landscape Area’ and a ‘Site of Importance for Nature Conservation’.  We must ensure we preserve areas of importance as we only have one planet.  The building of this housing will create more air pollution and increase Caerphilly’s Carbon Footprint which we need to be reducing for a brighter future, for people, for planet, and for Wales."

Andrew nominated the Gwern y Domen Conservation Group for a Sustain Wales Award for their contribution to making Wales a sustainable nation.

Van Community Council

The Van Community

"Van Community Council is opposed to the development of the Gwern y Domen site within its Community Council area. Council supports the Gwern y Domen Conservation group and has provided financial assistance".